Elves are a race of demi-humans in Drifters.


Fifty years ago Orte conquered the elves in its goal for human supremacy. Many elders of the elves, were executed resulting in a loss of racial history and knowledge of the elves. The survivors were forced to work the lands as poor serfs. Life of the elves became intolerable, they were forced to work the land as farmers, despite having no experience in farming, they were forbidden from entering the forests due to Orte fearing they would return to their racial skills as foresters, bows and arrows were also forbidden to them due to their former skills as archers. In addition their women were periodically taken and raped by the human soldiers.


With the exception of their elongated ears, elves of both the male and female variety are almost identical to their human counterparts in appearance. Unlike humans, however, elves enjoy a lifespan so long that many of the characters considered "adults" by human standards would be thought of as young by theirs. Yet despite this near-immortality, elves also reproduce less often than humans. Consequently, they are an easy target for the genocidal policies of the Orte Empire, who sought to wipe the elves out by taking elvish women away from their homes during the elvish breeding periods.

Prior to the war between the elves and the Orte Empire, they were also once renowned for their skill in archery. After their defeat by the Orte Empire, however, the production and use of bows and arrows were forbidden to elves.

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