San Jelmi
Name Saint-Germi
Kanji サン・ジェルミ伯
Romanji San Jerumi-haku
Gender Male
Affiliations Orte Empire
Manga Debut Chapter 18
Image Gallery

Count Saint-Germi is a powerful Orte nobleman and the oldest living Drifter.


Saint-Germi is a tall, blonde androgynous man. He has sharp light blue eyes, his face is oval in shape with a pointy chin. His blonde hair is stylized in a very eccentric way with hair on the back of his head standing upward while on the sides it's flowing downward. On his right side his hair is pushed to the side and on his left side his hair covers his upper face. He also wears a heavy amount of makeup. He is much older than he looks.




Adolf HitlerEdit

Main article: Adolf Hitler

Saint-Germi was the first member of the aristocracy to ally with Adolf Hitler during the founding stages of the Empire, an act that would later earn him the right to behave as he pleases without any criticism from his peers.



Shimazu ToyohisaEdit

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